So, following the book is hard. I don’t really learn well that way. I have just enough knowledge that the first part feels boring and repetitive, but I don’t know what I don’t know, so where do I pick up, chapter 2 or maybe 3? So let’s take this from a real JS perspective.

Building an API

  • So we know how to get and return json with HTTP requests in Node, how do we do it in Haskell? Ok, now build on that.
  • Make it something relatable.
  1. stack new hs-webapi
  2. Go into /package.yaml and under dependencies add ‘scotty’ and ‘aeson’
  3. Then run stack build
  4. … then wait (forgotten the compile times :eye_roll:) also 67 dependencies. I mean it’s not 867!!!!
  5. ..still waiting.